Jan 30, 2010

Who Knew This Was Therapy?

Who knew I would be so politically correct in the land of alternative medicine? We have a busy home. Three medically complex children at home and two grown and elsewhere. A job. A large house to maintain. An even larger, hairy, dog who has learned how to open doorknobs and fence latches with his giant nose. Couple this with a very difficult past two years and I've been feeling the stress. The past week I've discovered a mind numbing therapy better than Xanax (which I must add judging from past MRI'S does absolutely nothing for me). Refrigerator Magnets made from vintage jewelry and vintage buttons! YES! The beauty of this is that you can create and come up with a finished product even while the kids are going crazy and the dog is running wildly down the street basking in the glory of her new found freedom. You don't have to sit. You don't have to think. You don't even have to plan.You can stand at the kitchen sink, hot glue one together and still catch the dog before she reaches the neighboring park. I've decided this is the craft for me. This week, anyway. Thank you to my daughter, " the artist" who started it all. Magnet therapy?


Jennie said...

These are freaking awesome!!


You are my inspiration! Thanks!

Diane said...

Now where are my buttons...I have a new hobby : )