Jan 18, 2010


My oldest daughter goes to the Martin Luther King, Jr. parade every year. This year we were able to go along and had a blast! We stood with 4 of the most awesome, older black ladies who had a comment for everything and everyone in the parade. "Represent! Represent!" "Smile girls! SMILE!" "You're doing fine!" and my favorite which was shouted every time a beauty pageant winner would drive by , "Hey, Queenie! You are beautiful. HEY! QUEEENNNEEEEE!" One of the funniest moments was when one of the ladies read the t-shirts of a visiting band and commented very loudly, "No Exercise? I like that!" My oldest pointed out that the t-shirt really said "No Excuses." We all agreed we liked the "No Exercise" version better. At first my son refused to stand near them as he thought they were, "a little crazy." Eventually, he warmed up to them when they tucked him under their wings along with the rest of my children and made it their parade mission to load the kids with candy and beads. "HEY! HEY! Gimme some beads. Gimme some beads for these babies!" "WE NEED SOME SWEETS OVER HERE!" I have to say they got everything they requested and my kids got the privilege of having 4 awesome "aunties" for an afternoon. Now, if I could just find those aunties when the kids are misbehaving...

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