Jan 31, 2010

A Fishy Confession

Shortly after i posted the photo of, "Watch The Fish Peppers Grow" I realized the photo contained heirloom tomatoes and not Fish Peppers. I figured I'd correct the error of my ways later but now I have a real dilemma. I've lost my Fish Peppers. We recently had company and between their 3 year old and my helpful teenager I discovered some pots had been tampered with. In a very nice way of course. Little treasures had been added from the yard such as walking iris stems, pretty rocks, fallen leaves, bits of plastic, and an odd pvc pipe piece. Unfortunately, in decorating the pots they also removed the signs I made out of popsicle sticks so I have no idea if the pot that has begun to sprout is full of lettuce, mustard greens or fish peppers.In addition, I seem to be missing one pot entirely. So enjoy the progress of the Fish Pepper photos which are really not Fish Peppers after all. Am I upset? Of course not. It seems entirely fitting for the Secret Pepper Society to have secret peppers growing somewhere in the yard. I am praying, however, that they survive my 90 year old father's manic raking binges and my giant dogs delight in relieving her self on pretty plants. And that my friends is more wee wee than a drug rehab program collects in an 8 hour shift so it will be a gardening miracle to be picking Fish Peppers in the future. Stay tuned for the continuing Fish Pepper saga. The mystery continues...

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