Jan 13, 2010

"Nanpouin mouayin pou ede' ou..."

The first thought that comes to mind when I see the devastation in Haiti. "There is no way to help you..." One of the missionary's who has lived there over 30 years said the two greatest needs now are water and medical personnel. In a country where the average income is $450.00 a year and the average life expectancy has risen only lately to a ripe old age of 57 and there is no 911, disaster crews or even decent hospitals I don't know how the people will survive this most recent insult against them and their land. I have friends who have an orphanage in Port Au Prince who have no idea if their 30 charges and the staff are dead or alive. I had to shrug when the news channels were going on and on about no electricity last night. If you've been to or live in Haiti you know electricity comes and goes on a daily basis under "normal" circumstances. It's the thousands of people buried under the rubble praying for someone to help them that I would like to see the focus on by the news media and a world wide mobilization of those who can get to the country and help save lives now and in the days to come when disease sets in. If I didn't have 3 special needs children here I'd be there as a nurse again in a country I grew to love. I look at this old picture of myself and my Haitian "son" taken in Port Au Prince on a roof top that is probably no longer standing. He is 40 now and even taller. Thankfully, he is also in California. I can't go to Haiti but I can pray and put some feet on my prayers. Sending monetary support to organizations like World Vision who's office in Port Au Prince was impacted but not before all of the employees escaped into the street. Operation Blessing who are already mobilized and ready to go. The American Red Cross. The missionary's below...
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Diane said...

The news is heartbreaking! Your post is beautiful...I will contact World Vision to give an offering with prayer behide it.