Jan 29, 2010

Another Day In Paradise

This is one of my favorite sayings of late. That and "go with the flow" seem to spew out of my lips at least 3 times a day. I think that's why I love Anne Taintor products...she understands everyday life and how necessary it is to look at the mundane through humorous eyes. Speaking of humerus...Today I am home with my son who injured his right arm last evening. Last month it was the left arm. This happens several time a year and there really isn't much you can do about it. The first three times it happened years ago I dutifully rushed for x-rays. They are always negative. All parents of children with Osteogeneisis Imperfecta rush for x-rays the first year. Eventually, we discover our children glowing in the dark when we sneak in for a midnight bed check and fluff of the quilts. That ends the rush to radiology. It always amazes me what precipitates an injury in a child with OI. I sat 2 days ago watching him play wildly with company. He probably fell 5 or 6 times. On foot. Off his bike. Off his razor scooter. Last night when i told him to put his bike in the garage for the night i hear "the scream." Every parent of a child with OI knows what "the scream" is. He was simply wheeling the bike through the door and heard a "snap." It's usually a "pop" so he is home from school and being closely observed which is a good thing as I just found him kneeling on the kitchen counter top after climbing up a dining room chair , "looking for peanuts" in the cabinets. His sibling yells at him, "Peanuts are not for breakfast!" Apparently this is the only thing wrong with this picture in her mind. So, besides surveillance I will make sure he ices, immobilizes and Motrinizes today. He's tough. I still have to smile when I'm reminded of his orthopedic surgeon sitting him down and patiently telling him, "A cracked femur is the same thing as a broken femur" when my son informed him, "It's only cracked." He'd been walking on it all day at art camp. You might ask, as I did, how you crack a femur at art camp? The answer: "origami." Who knew the art of Japanese paper folding could be so dangerous.

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