Jan 12, 2010

Night of the Frozen Cuban Anole

My nine year old receives services from Hospice's wonderful pediatric program, Stepping Stones 4 Kids. In addition to Eric, a child life specialist who visits him monthly and a fantastic nurse named Sarah he is visited faithfully by two teenage girls who became friends with one another when they both lost their mothers. About 6 months ago those Hospice volunteers began visiting my son weekly. He teaches them about play station wrestling, race cars, monster trucks and hide n' seek. They teach him about being faithful. They are perfect examples of two individuals who have turned their sorrow into joy. Joy for some one else! Today my son finally conned them into going out into the cold and much to their horror they discovered that our tropical "lizards" had died by the dozens due to the cold weather. The brown Cuban Anole snuck into our country from the Caribbean islands around 1950. They multiplied rapidly and in the process they decimated the green anole population that I grew up with. I don't use pesticides so we have hundreds of them in our yard. Or had hundreds... Our visiting friends and my son buried the poor frozen creatures and created a marker for the common grave. Two were discovered barely alive and are now in my sons room under a heat lamp eating frog food and thawing out. I wanted to name them Thelma and Louise but my son insisted on them being named after his Hospice buddies. Live long and prosper, Melody and Tina...two very fortunate lizards.

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