Jan 11, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

This morning I almost knocked my front teeth out when I attempted to open my car door not knowing it had frozen shut during the night. My impatiens that usually die from heat stroke in August are prematurely dead in January from frost bite. My heat pump froze last Friday. In a panic I called my wonderful air-conditioner repair man who informed me that the smoke pouring out of it was simply a result of it's "defrost mode." Who ever heard of an air conditioner in the tropics in a defrost mode? My neighbor who owns the very first house ever built in our subdivision said this was the coldest winter since 1962 when she moved in. The only one in my family who actually likes this weather is our Great Pyrenees who is lolling around on the frigid cement patio in utter bliss. Once in a while i go out and poke her with my foot to see if she is still alive or has frozen on her back with her feet up in the air. I'd move further south but I'm running out of land. I think the next stop would be Haiti but the Haitians already know the grass is not always warmer on the other side. "Kouri pou lapli; tonbe' nan dife' or "running away from rain; falling into fire." Fire probably generated by a defrosting heat pump.

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Jennie said...

My cassia tree finally bit the dust too... We are having another hard freeze tonight but thank fully it's supposed to be around 70 this weekend!!