Jul 28, 2011

What A Differnce 32 Years Makes

Haggie Maggie tagged some photos of The Artist and The Genius on Facebook yesterday. I looked at them and found the above photo mixed in with the baby pictures and I wondered.

Who is this girl and why did Haggie Maggie put her in with my girls?

A few hours later I went back to look at something different and realized with a start the "girl" was me circa 79'

What a difference 32 years makes.

I'm speechless.


Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous -- you look a bit like Katherine Ross.

You rarely post photos of yourself, but I seem to recall that 32 years have been kind to your strong and lovely face.


Elizabeth: How I wish i was Katherine Ross as I would be married to my favorite man Sam Eliot since 1984!

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

I agree with Elizabeth.. I saw that winning family photo ... gorgeous you are. Then and now.

Anonymous said...

you know, it stands to reason that if you were that beautiful then, you would be even more so now. and having only met you through your writing, let me tell you, that beauty shines!