Jul 31, 2011

About Blooming Where We Are Planted

We waste so much time and energy whining about the things that we do not have that we miss out on the opportunities that present them selves in our daily lives. The older i get the more acutely aware of this fact I become.

We want a better job. More money. A bigger house. A husband. A wife. To be single. To live somewhere else other than where we are currently planted.

I am attracted to bloggers who make the most of what they have in life like this lady who lives on a fixed income in a trailer park with not-so-nice neighbors. She gardens out of pots and plastic bins since she has no land. Her accomplishments are nothing short of miraculous to me.

And this lady who has a lot of acreage and makes the most out of every square inch of it. Toiling daily in the soil to provide healthy food for her large family. Utilizing recycled, re-purposed materials rather than buying new.

I gave up my dream of country life a long time ago although I still get wistful about it on occasion. As much as humanly possible and as much as time allows (of which I have little) I am attempting to farm in my back yard and practice contentment in my current situation.

When I see documentaries like the one below I become inspired anew.

And I have renewed hope regarding blooming where I am currently planted.


Birdie said...

Great post. Thanks for the links!

Elizabeth said...

You are a wise role model for many --

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

You always manage to say it best.And beautifully to boot.

I dream of scooping everyone up and building that compound and growing our own food and well, just a dream perhaps and maybe best if I take your wise advice and begin blooming where I am at instead.

Kathleen Scott said...

Hope is the best crop any of us can plant.

Great post.

I'm so glad you're all through that eye-lung phase!

Kathleen Scott said...

PS Love the monarch & milkweed picture!