Jul 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!

The Baby is four years old this weekend.

I remember getting the phone call asking if I would take this baby with the horrific birth history. Anticipating a vegetative state with feeding tubes, seizures and massive brain damage from over 10 minutes of cerebral anoxia I said no thanks. I was already extremely busy with 3 medically complex kids at home.

For some reason...divine intervention perhaps...I asked what her name was. I never asked about names when i got those calls especially if I refused the placement.

The name turned out to be a family name. My middle name. The Genius's middle name. The Artist's middle name. The Teenager's middle name.

Lord have mercy.

I went to the hospital NICU and saw this tiny 4 lb baby in yellow with a mop of straight black hair and a nasty hospital diaper rash. I was amazed that she was tracking visually and bottle fed able to coordinate sucking and swallowing. I never anticipated that with the devastating brain damage.

From day one she had attitude.

I like attitude.

The kids loved her immediately.

And frequently decorated her in a manner fit for a princess.

You've come a long way Baby.

Happy Birthday and thank you for gracing us with your presence.


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday to little, luminous Baby. What a treasure your family is on Earth.

Island Rider said...

Happy Birthday, Baby. I think you are a gift.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Happy birthday, sweet Baby! You are a blessing.

Dani said...

Happy Birthday Little One!

Anonymous said...

She's a beautiful, blessed girl. Happy Birthday.

Beverly said...

priceless...happy birthday, Baby.

Anonymous said...

Hope it was a happy and healthy birthday. You never told me the story about the name. I love it. It was meant to be!!! I thought I was the only one who gave kids the same middle name. Glad to hear I hold good company.
Ms. M

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Happy birthday to the amazing Baby!

Her story is one rooted in faith and hope and determination and abiding love.Just the kind of story I adore.

You and your family are such blessings to me ... watching your life from the sidelines is a true gift.

Melinda said...

She is a beaming and radiant beauty! Happy Birthday indeed!!

Jennie said...

So much sass in one little girl... love you little one. Happy happy 4th to you!

Kathleen Scott said...

I'm late but congratulations to all of you. Amazing progress.

Shakespeare was wrong, wasn't he, about names?