Jul 1, 2011

Let's Heap On The Guilt Cookie Style

Whatever this eye goop is, it is highly contagious as The Teenager has it this morning. She is also on warm saline compresses and antibiotic eye drops. The Baby is now on an every four hour schedule and The Teenager is now on an every two hour schedule. You'd think this would be easy but I had to make out a written schedule because it kinda threw me over the memory recall edge.

After all. It's not like this is the only medication I dispense in our family. I started to list them all but I don't have the mental or physical strength to do so. Rough night. Lets just leave it at over 20 medications on a good day. Can't. Count. Bad. Days. Right. Now. (and the addition of at least 10 more doses of whatever.)

It's funny how you get your pay check and tell yourself you will save save save and not indulge on luxuries like eating out. How you know your cholesterol is too high but eat 2 slices of birthday cake anyway.

Sickness always interferes with your best intentions. When I feel crummy I like Chinese food. Specifically, Won Ton soup. To me it's in the "medication" category right up there with Ciprofloxacin 0.3% and Phenobarbital.

Around 2 PM fueled by more Motrin and finally able to bathe and dress, I piled the kids in the mom mobile and drove to Wok Deli.

After slurping down a bowl of Won Ton soup as best I could with this throat I eagerly opened my fortune cookie. I've loved these since childhood.

Punctuated exactly as it is written:

"Here we go. Low fat, whole wheat green tea."

Give me a break. I opened the next fortune cookie.


I think someone is trying to tell me something.

I'm off now to go gag down some green tea.


Elizabeth said...

I despise fortune cookies that don't give real fortunes.

I'm sorry everyone in your home has been felled by the eye goop.

Strength and courage to you -- prayers and well wishes, too.

Zoey's mom said...

Your last post had me laughing out loud.Not over the sickness part but everything else.Seriously still laughing.Your children are something else and I mean that in the best possible way.What I wouldn't give to see them all in action.Hoping and praying that you are all on the mend soon.

Anonymous said...

my favorite fortune ever: made in the USA.

very true.

hope y'all feel much better soon!