Oct 23, 2010

"Walking On Ice Cubes"

Photo from Google Images

It's Saturday morning and The Boy wakes up in one of his moods. He'll spend the day in his room, eventually coming around. Mom imposed Lego therapy works every time since self calming skills are limited in the world of the hyperactive.

The teenager walks past mumbling under her breath.
"This family! I'm tired of walking on ice cubes like a bunch of penguins."

Me, too. I plan on escaping through Christmas craft projects today:

Photo from Google Images

A few weeks ago when The Teenager and I escaped for a little Weigh n' Pay therapy she picked out a book (she always picks out a book), a Care Bear and a cute blue ice cube tray. Yes, a blue ice cube tray. With that in mind I found this on the internet:

Do you think she'll like this for Christmas?
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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Walking on ice cubes, huh? Sounds chilly. That ice tray is cute!

Jennie said...

She'll like it... I think it should be a Christmas Eve opener. We can make festive ice cubes for Christmas morning ;)

Kathleen Scott said...

I'm just catching up after our High Plains trip. Have missed your posts.

Cool penguin ice (I know, it's really bad but I couldn't resist). But your gift idea is great. The best gifts speak to who we are and she'll feel your love when she opens this.

Elizabeth said...