Oct 7, 2010

"Confusion" Day Two

The Boy's best buddy from school, The Angel, was at "confusion" today for his I.V therapy for an unrelated condition. What do you do when you have your best buddy right next to you all day? Why, play baseball. What else?

The ball was table paper wadded up and taped. The "bat was the non-iv'd arm. A great time was had by all.

Especially the nurses.
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Zoey's mom said...

I have always been amazed,inspired and stand in awe of the resiliency by which these children,take what is given and react in the most forgiving and accepting manner.

Nothing taught me as much,as our time spent on the oncology floor,8 months,where we watched the true human spirit emerge from bodies far younger and far sicker then ourselves.They sat round table in the playroom with smiles and joy and laughter,as unmentionables were coursing through their precious bodies.

Children's hospital floors are often avoided by many.Too afraid of what they might see and can't handle.Well,too bad really.My greatest lessons and blessing have been found in those places.

This post made me smile for so many reasons.Thank you for it.

Diane said...

Smile :)

Dani said...

Zoey's Mom says it so well! Sending good thoughts your way. ((hugs))

Kathleen Scott said...

You and the kids have the secret. Happy isn't something that happens to us, it's something we make.

Melissa Swartley said...

Love it! That's great! We love it when we have PAM buddies to hang out with! Makes the "confusion" time go much faster! Love how he used to call it "confusion", that's just too cute! Sonya says "I no go to da hobbit hole" (hospital) and "No touching my boobie!" She calls her port this, poor gal has 3 boobs! :)