Oct 20, 2010

Princess In The Pumpkin Patch

Just when you think your Pumpkin Patch days are over after 40 years of motherhood... It coincides with thinking your Chuck E Cheese days are over.Irregardless, a good time was had by all at The Baby's pre-k pumpkin patch field trip. And it was only 84 degrees out! Much cooler than patches past.

Would you look at this one!

It's bumpy!

I picked out baby pumpkins for my sister and brother all by myself.


Dani said...

Such a beautiful, happy face!! You're a good women SPP.

Michelle said...

She looks SO beautiful here. She's lost her baby-looks and is growing into a very pretty little young lady!

Jennie said...

I agree with Dani and Michelle... she is such a beauty. I'd also like to add... Man, there is so much mischief in those eyes :)