Jul 28, 2010

Mini Vacation

The artist has arrived and we are enjoying her company immensely! I wish it was a little longer than 3 days but honestly a week might kill her with this family. Today we are "chilling." Here's what we've been doing this week:

Rowing around in Explorer 100
Here's a surprise...you actually don't get very far in a 15 foot above ground pool.

Sinking Explorer 200
May I have your attention please: One year in Haiti I was desperately flailing in the water off of Grand Godet' (Latitude: 18° 55' 60 N, Longitude: 72° 39' 0 W ) in a kayak which kept sinking. I noticed the adult male medical clinic interpreters rolling on the sand laughing and pointing at me. Eventually, Gerard Prevot my favorite interpreter, called me aside. "Sister, do you know why you sink?" I was seriously stumped! No why? "Because you have a BIG booootom." FYI: My fat butt BIG booootom had nothing to do with the sinking of Explorer 200

Enjoying the pool:

Making yummy food at home:

The Artist, The Genius,
Haggie Maggie and I had a big girls night out wihout kids. Whoop! Whoop! We ate at The Artist's favorite Vietnamese establishment. I passed on the "Condense Milk + Egg York" and went with the Thai tea instead:

Weigh n' Pay trip:

And my first Weigh n' Pay injury:

I know you're impressed with my makeshift tourniquet. A strange bald man informed me the last women who sliced her hand at weigh n' pay got
SARS. Seriously.

Re-inventing our thrift treasures:

We've managed to pack a lot of fun into a very short time! Happy 33rd birthday Ms. Artist!

Oh, and PS...Famous NYC based photographer, Lois Greenfield just called the artist to tell her she will be in Lois's 2011 dance calender, Breaking Bounds again this year. What an honor! You all know what you'll be getting for Christmas this year right?
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Diane said...

I love your family!! So glad we became friends...you have always inspired me!!

Jennie said...

I had so much fun!! The rocking chair looks wonderful on my porch too :)