Jun 20, 2010

The Answer To Prayer And A Juggler, Too

I realize my faith is very child-like. Personally I like it like that. No, it's not an excuse not to mature in your faith which in itself is a tedious, long, all too often painful process. It's actually the way Jesus liked it as well. He knew children had the right idea and never turned them away. See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven. Matthew 18:10 NIV

So having said that I have to smile at a recent answer to prayer. The babe needs a big girl bed. I cannot afford a big girl bed. I have a phobia about used mattresses. Yes, me the thrift store queen. I draw the line at used underwear (gag), used shoes ( toe-jam), and used mattresses (no comment).

I remember saying a little prayer. Lord, the baby needs a bed. No, I don't think of the Heavenly Father as a spiritual sugar daddy or a holy ATM machine where you swipe your request and then out pops your instant answer. He is, however, a Father who is interested in every aspect of his kids lives and wants the best for them. He knows the baby needs a bed, too. He also knows about my mattress phobia.

Enter Haggie Maggie.

Haggie Maggie and I have been friends since we were 11 years old. We really don't have a lot in common when you get right down to it. Haggie never married. She doesn't have children. We have totally different interests. But we have been best buddies for a very long time. Haggie is a Renaissance Festival and Pirate festival actress in her spare time, playing a toothless hag with a laugh that would send chills up your spine. I hate the Renaissance Festival having been once. People slobbering all over those giant turkey legs did me in. No, thank you.

So about 3 weeks after my simple prayer I get a phone call from Haggie Maggie out of the clear blue. She has rented her mom's house to some Ren-fest buddies. Could I use a bed? In spite of her name, Haggie Maggie is VERY clean! YES! Could I use two? What? YES! She casually mentions the Ren-boys have been moving furniture into her moms home all day and she now has a goat head hanging in the living room. Um. Goat head?

Haggie informs me that the boys will be delivering the beds to my home and setting them up. Somebody pinch me.

The spotless beds arrived yesterday and were set up by 4 very nice looking guys (understatement) who could not have been more gracious and polite. Eat your heart out old ladies everywhere.

Haggie Maggie also sent along a mound of sheets and blankets. Pink. Could this answered prayer be anymore specific? She had already washed everything as she knows I hang my laundry on a clothes line which to Haggie Maggie is insanity and far to much work. Thank you Haggie.

The boy kept getting in the way. No surprise there. "How did you hurt your hand?" to one especially tall man with long, long hair. Sword fight, he answers nonchalantly. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! How coooooooooool! Finally, The Amazing Kenny pulls the boy aside and makes a deal with him. You obey your mom so you don't get hurt (oh, how I love this guy) and I will come back and put on a show for you. Turns out The Amazing Kenny is an amazing juggler. And sure enough...as if these poor guys who had been moving their furniture and goat heads all day didn't have enough to do, The Amazing Kenny comes back and puts on a show right in our living room. I get teary thinking about how impressed the kids were and how sweet this young man was to keep his promise.

Two beds, pink sheets, free delivery and set up and a juggler in my living room. Could it get any more fabulous than that?


Michelle said...

Very cool!

Diane said...

I love child-like faith and pink sheets!! This was so heartwarming to read.....He cares!

Melissa Swartley said...

Wow! That's awesome! I'd say that is a pray answered! Love the Flat Stanley post too! It's so neat how all our kids are connected through the project! Wish we were going to the conference this year!


Melissa...I know...i wish we were too but when I totaled up how much it would be it was close to $3,000.00 so we got a new swing set instead!

Jennie said...

Ack... turkey legs make me want to die... but I totally teared up at the juggling delivery men with pink sheets.

the Ken said...

I stumbled to your blog through a image search that turned up one of ME that I had never seen. Reading all of the wonderful things you had to say just made my day.
Thank you for putting a smile on my face after all this long time.
Amazing Kenny

the Ken said...

Thank you for all of the wonderful things you had to say about us boys! You just made my day, and I'll pass it along.
Amazing Kenny