Jul 17, 2010

In The Pink Friday Thrift Finds

Yes, I realize it's really Saturday but this morning when I found the above arrangement that had planted itself in my garden I was inspired to list our pink Friday finds beginning with this hideous mirror purchased for $5.00 at a local church thrift store:

Hideous mirror after:

Eventually hideous re-purposed mirrors will line my stair well. It's an inspiration I found in a shabby blog and the final results were breathtaking. At least in the shabby blog they were breathtaking. I'll post my project when finished which hopefully will be as impressive.

In the meantime I am off in search of more hideous mirrors to transform and in my travels found this pretty treasure which is now a saucer for a...you guessed it... pink plant:

Did I ever mention I like roses? Here's the next Friday treasure acquired from the same 40 cents a pound weigh n' pay dumpster. This will hold sewing notions in my....you guessed it...pink sewing room:

Total Cost: $5.25
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Diane said...

The mirror looks fantastic!! You continue to inspire me : )

A.M. Mama said...

Love the mirror. It's my favorite! Can't wait to see the whole wall of them, sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Nice work on the mirror. I love finding ugly-as-heck stuff and painting them to make them look brand-new and usable! Nothing a little paint can't fix.