Jul 9, 2010

Shabby Rose Therapy Works Every Time

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself, toss the Excel budget work sheet to the wind and go have some fun. Worked today to make up my 4th of July "holiday" which wasn't much of a holiday when it is unpaid and POURING down rain the entire time. My fantasy of floating in the pool in our Big Lots blow up life boat, hiding from the children and sipping sweet tea never came to fruition but we did have our cook-out with our great, close-knit neighborhood community. Good food and good friends always brighten up the dreariest day. Even if the cookout becomes a "cook-in."

Picked up the kids after the last client and we ate out AND went thrifting. The teenager and the boy are avid thrifters. Could they survive in this household if they weren't? Probably not. The boy found a treasure trove of equipment I can use for work. Who needs an expensive medical equipment vendor when you have the boy and the Weigh n' Pay? I've been looking for a therapy ball for two of my preemies who have no clue as to their place in space and here comes the boy hop, hop, hopping past me on one. He found a sit n' spin for my autistic clients. How
does he do that?

The teenager (who is still quite wobbly today) headed straight for the books. Her passion.

I found shabby treasures. Shabby is by far my favorite decorating style: The 12 piece or more china sets were 50% off so this set cost me $5.00 for 6 dinner plates, a serving platter, 5 salad bowls and a large serving bowl. I love roses.

The last shabby sheet I found at the weigh n' pay for about 40 cents, I sold on e-bay for around $38.00. I love roses and I'm keeping this one:

A somewhat smelly, vintage, cabbage rose bedspread. This is so going in the shabby chic, vintage pink room I'm designing in my head. I think I had one like this in the 80's but I traded it for a juicer. I still have the juicer. Comes in handy when the lemon tree is spitting out bushels of lemons.

This was tucked away in the Hospice Thrift Store for $1.00 and is so going to be a shabby pink pillow some day. I am such a sucker for someone else's embroidery. Why was it discarded? So much work went in to this one and did I mention I love roses? I have to admit, though, I'm not exactly sure just
what this is supposed to be...is the blob on the bottom a quilt?

Ah, the mystery of discarded treasures! It doesn't get any better than this.


Diane said...

Beautiful finds.....I must come shop with you!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

AHA, my mom's whole house is decorated in the same flower patterns! The stuff you found might have come from my dad sneaking it back out, LOL!

I can't believe china in 12 pieces or more was on sale half off, that's awesome. I would think the more pieces of the pattern they had would make them more valuable. Well, I collect Fiesta so everything I want is a single color at a time anyway. No finding 12 pieces of Fiesta, usually. Ok, I think I rambled enough about dishes!