Jul 25, 2010

Fall Garden Countdown

Our fall gardens should go into the ground in August which doesn't leave me much time as the garden is now nowhere near ready. I've already mentioned that I'm a Plunker not a Planner so this is a teeny weeny challenge for my plunking personality. I have most of my seeds and have a few i can't wait to try like the Heirloom Garden Berry Red Wonder Wild Strawberry.

In the meantime I am still working on the front yard water-wise plantings which have been a physical challenge in this heat. The completed garden (one of three) is looking good and tending to itself.

The Gulf Fritillary butterflies LOVE this area which is nice as I haven't seen many Fritillary's in the back butterfly garden this year. Lantana is always a butterfly favorite. In this heat you simply can't go wrong with Lantana.

I did have a major blessing recently when a neighbor and his son called and asked if i needed some yard work done. They stopped by last week and dug out the weeds from the other two gardens so now all I have to do is plant. Whoo Hoo!

Big trip to Home Depot is planned for this week and one to Jene's to pick up some Surinam Cherry bushes which will go along
the back of the fence. When I was very young I remember gorging myself on these "cherries" at my grandfathers house as he had an entire hedge of them. Like I said before we can't grow cherry trees here so we grow the tropical substitute! I'm going to have to bite the bullet on this tropical substitute as Surninam Cherry bushes are a tad expensive. It might be cheaper to move north.
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