Mar 1, 2010

Stick A Fork In Me...I'm Done

So today I take the baby to the pediatrician. It's rather embarrassing when you can't tell if your baby just pooed or if that stank odor is coming from her nose. It's that bad. I love our pediatrician. She listens to the babes lungs and tells me she is wheezing. Surprise! She also asks if they tested for RSV ( ) at the ER yesterday? I tell her I asked them too but they didn't think she had RSV because "her fever was too high" (say what? ) and she "wasn't wheezing." She smiles. You think she has RSV don't you? "Probably." Good thing I ignored doc number two from the ER yesterday and have continued with her nebulizer treatments. So we change antibiotics as obviously the poo nose is an indication that the first one is not working after 7 days. She adds a nebulized steroid and a steroid nose spray for the RSV (ER doc number one YOU WERE RIGHT) and wants her back in 3 weeks unless she takes a turn for the worse. I have to say her temp has come down from 104 to a respectable 102 which is an improvement. She did wake up at 3:00 AM this morning, though, semi-delirious with fever and said, "uh-oh" for one solid hour until the Motrin kicked in and she drifted off. I drifted in and out listening to her ramble and had a very pleasant dream at one point that I was making out with Gregory Peck. After we see the pediatrician today I drove around from 3:15 PM 7:15 PM trying to get the inhaled steroids and steroid nose spray prescriptions filled to no avail. XYZ pharmacy makes me come back twice and finally at 6:00PM tell me they need authorization from the doctor to fill these. Wha? Isn't the prescription she wrote good enough????? No, they have fax'd her a note. Hello people the office is closed! ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!! I take the prescriptions back vowing NEVER to go back to XYZ pharmacy again, borrow some of the nebulized steroids from a friend until I can figure out what in the world I am going to do (the med is over $300.00). I then proceeded to the friends LMNOP pharmacy as she fills the exact same RX there with no difficulties and we have the same insurance. I sit in the drive thru for 30 minutes pissing off everyone behind me. At this pharmacy I present the babes birth certificate and adoption paper work as I have no ID card. (ID card? My son got 3 in the mail and all of them had different numbers on them) The lady asks me if I can come in the store. In the store? We have been in the car since 1:30 PM and it is now 7:15 PM. The baby's temp is raging at this point and the other two are ready to mutiny. No thank you. I go home in total defeat.Miraculously, I get home and find a box from last year after i turn the house upside down and it doesn't expire until April. Hooray and thank you Lord! I notice the label. The pharmacy that filled it last year was XYZ with no problems whatsoever. There is a lesson in all of this but I am too tired to study. I'm going to bed instead.

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Jennie said...

Hmm.. I wonder what could be XYZ pharmacy??

I LOVE Tom's photo of the week by the way!