Mar 18, 2010

A Little Child Shall Lead Them and Introduce Them To Technology

Today I set up a stereo set that I had in the attic because I thought it would be nice to listen to the radio while i was putzing around. Of course there is no radio. Ok. I'll play a DVD. Of course I could not get it to work. So what's new? I can't tell a speaker from a woofer and have no clue what wire goes where. When I want to play a DVD or old VHS I call my teen who is developmentally delayed. She can always get them up and running and rolls her eyes at me like my daughter the genius when I have computer issues. I simply gave up on the stereo and went about my business. After all this techno challenge of mine is nothing new. Later in the day the baby is crawling around on the floor and the next thing I know Michael W. Smith is blasting and I mean
blasting from the stereo. There sits the baby not knowing if she should be frightened or proud of her accomplishment. I don't know what the child pushed or how she made music but I am grateful and not at all surprised that a developmentally delayed 2 year old has more techno sense than her mother. I'm long past the humiliation.

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Mom2Drew said...

Yey! I found you! Been meaning to for several days since you left a comment on my blog. You're hilarious. I'd go back and read everything, but it's 1am and I'm pretty sure no one in my house will take into consideration tomorrow morning that I stayed up say late tonight. Anyway... I am a follower now and can't wait to read more!
Jenny Dunlap