Mar 15, 2010

Gregory Peck vs The Button

I've been collecting buttons for more years than I care to admit. When I was little my mom had a button jar and I would sit for hours pondering every, single, button in the jar. The one that I remember vividly was red and sparkly and mom told me it was a real ruby. It's a strain on the memory cells but I'm pretty sure it was really glass. Recently, I decided to do something with my buttons and vintage jewelry and have been working on ideas. Since then my button collection seems to have exploded. When my friend Barb's mom passed away recently Barb gave me her mom's button jar! What a treasure! I'm sure Grace would approve as we were kindred spirits in the world of gardening and crafts. My friend Bobbie, who thinks I am a little button goofy, scoured her house recently and gave me a baggie of buttons. Now, my neighbor Joan upon finding out I liked buttons and old jewelry says she going to bring me a ton of stuff she has left over from one of her estate sales. Oh, how I love Joans' estate sale leftovers! Recently I dreamed about a big bowl of buttons. It was almost as pleasant as the dream where I was making out with Gregory Peck. Almost but not quite. Buttons better than Gregory Peck? Now that would really be a Baptist white lie.

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Jennie said...

I love the new button creations!