Mar 25, 2010

Pre-K Field Trip

Today the teenager and I went to the baby's pre-k for a "parking lot field trip" to see the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Motorcycle Drill Team, Inc. perform. I thought about bringing the boy but was happy i didn't when i saw this:

The sisters had a great time together!

For more about the drill team go here:


Michelle said...

I saw these guys tonight @ the parade!


How did I miss the Festival of States Parade? I heard nothing about it!

Michelle said...

The night parade was really short, and I think it's inappropriate for kids - too many drunk participants. Lakewood's band was the best thing about it.

Jennie said...

Um, I'm sorry I missed it but so glad to know that Kira was talking on my cell phone during the event ;) I'm glad (even after the boy ruined it) that it's still getting used.