Mar 4, 2010

Molar in the Drainboard

You know your a mom when you find a molar in the drainboard with the clean dishes. There was a day when I would've questioned this as a young mom. Now as a seasoned mom I am just thankful it was not my molar. Baby might be better today but I am cautiously optimistic. We did go screeching off to the pediatrician again yesterday afternoon due to horrifying increased cough. She has coughed so hard and so long she has developed an umbilical hernia. Good-bye "in-y" hello "outy." Anyway, babe does have RSV but 02 sats are 97% so she does not have to be admitted. I can do all of the treatments at home. She seems better today and so happy as always. Today as she offered me one of her snot covered organic rice crispies I couldn't help but reflect on how thankful I am she has not only survived but thrived. She truly is a blessing.


Amy said...

Hi Faith, Mary Peterson mentioned your blog a few months ago and I've loved following it. You always make me laugh! Molar in the drainboard? You gotta be kidding me. Isn't it great to be a relaxed mom! Jonathan turned 10 today. Happy day. I've long since run out of adrenaline. My 4 yr old fell off the monkey bars today and was laying there...woudn't get up...I was annoyed that I had to get up and walk over to him (with the 23 lb. 5 month old strapped to my body). He was fine. Scratched his finger. Oh yah...Jonathan was playing football with his friends while all this was going on. :) Any chance you are going to the conference??
--Amy Phelps (


Hey Amy! Not been able to blog for a while for obvious reasons! I had to laugh...a lot...regarding your comment. Boys! Not sure about the conference yet.