Mar 3, 2010

Pharmacist Stalkings and Drive-by's (thru's?)

Yesterday I took my un-filled prescriptions, and went to another XYZ pharmacy. The pharmacist was absolutely wonderful. He got authorization for the $300.00 medication in 5 minutes and I was out the door with prescription in hand. What a wonderful, compassionate, efficient pharmacy person! This morning a friend calls. Someone drove their SUV thru an XYZ pharmacy last night and my friend was wondering if it was me doing a drive-by/drive-thru in retaliation of XYZ number one. I had to laugh out loud at that one but then I started to wonder...
"...police say an SUV plowed into a XYZ store overnight. It happened shortly after 11 p.m. Tuesday...According to police, the vehicle hit the area near the cash registers, leaving the employees rather shaken up by the incident -- but uninjured. Just hours after the crash, the store opened back up for business, even though the building is heavily damaged.Investigators have not released details on the female driver, but no one was arrested in connection to the accident. "
My new pharmacy. My new, wonderful, compassionate, efficient pharmacist! I was wondering why he hadn't called me back about the nasal spray? He was staring down the grill of an SUV. If they have to close this store I will track this man to the ends of the earth. My next entry may be written from a jail cell where I have been arrested for stalking a pharmacist.

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Michelle said...

I thought of you when I heard this on the news this morning!