May 27, 2011

Trampoline Thursday On A Friday

It has been a weird week. Tonight I was suppose to go out with friends and celebrate my birthday but instead I ended up with a 101.6 temp.

Iris/Virus came and got the kids watered, medicated, fertilized, fed and in bed while I swilled down Tylenol and lay in bed moaning. As I'm burping and expelling all sorts of noxious gasses I hear her tell The Boy, "I think your mother is going to explode."

When I told her a friend of mine had similar symptoms with uncontrollable explosive diarrhea this week she reminded me, "I don't do seniors."


So I'm stable on 1,000 mg of Tylenol at the moment and I'm making brownies because I have the most horrendous appetite with this fever. I swilled down the chicken that Iris brought with mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, and mac n' cheese and now I need something chocolate. What kind of a virus is this anyway? My only symptoms being high fever and aching. Specifically my left thumb, right big toe, right hip, and knees.

Before this came on full force when I was simply feeling tired and heavy like I was carrying an elephant on my shoulders The Teenager and I did her weigh-in this morning.

134 lbs.

Neither gained nor lost. Considering how much we cheated this week while celebrating special occasions that encouraged the swilling down of junk food I am very pleased with this weight.
Because you know we certainly embraced the swilling part without hesitation.

Time for Walnut Brownies.

If I'm going to explode I might as well explode in style.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better!
Jennifer in Fl

Kathleen Scott said...

Hope you're better now.

You & the Teenager are righteous with that trampoline. Swilling for a week and no gain, awesome!

Anonymous said...

Are you alive? Hope all is well. Ive missed reading your blog lately!
Jennifer in Fl