May 26, 2011

We Are Finalists!

So I'm skimming through my emails after a brutal day yesterday and I see one regarding "the photo you submitted." I almost deleted it thinking it was spam but when I read it I was shocked.

It seems so long ago my dear friend Java NICU Nurse sent me a link about a photo contest called Mommy and Me for an adoptive family web sight. I looked at it as I do all of her interesting links and saw some of the photos and thought well why not? We aren't your typical pristine-matching-white-button-down-shirt-in-front-of-the-surf-and-sea-oats type family. I can't get my kids to sit still long enough for a photo that fancy. The Boy would be chasing sea birds, The Teenager would be wading to Mexico singing to herself and The Baby would be melting down because she doesn't like the feel of sand on her feet. Remember how The Baby feels about nature of any kind?

So I attempted to submit the fountain photo which is a typical family photo of us that was taken on our St. Augustine vacation. I told The Artist all I wanted out of the vacation was time with her and a "decent photo for our Christmas card." The Artist who is an accomplished photographer did her best but in all honesty one photo session with our family and photographers usually begin re-thinking their career choice.

We ended up with the above photo. No one was hitting anyone. No one was head first in the fountain and no one was spitting water. What more could this family ask for?

When I attempted to submit it, however, I had problems. I was surprised when Java NICU Nurse emailed me and told me it eventually went through as she saw it on the web sight.

That's the last time I thought about the contest.

Until the e-mail yesterday. It seems we are one of the "judges finalists." I e-mailed a higher resolution photo to NYC at their request and will fax the photo release to them today.

What a hoot!

People keep asking me what the prize is.

I have no idea.

For me the prize is is being recognized for what families should be about. Wiggles. Goofiness. Happiness. Togetherness. Fun. Who cares if we have on matching clothes? I'm just thankful we were all dressed.

mean The Lord knows I tried to capture some semblance of order in front of this fountain for our Christmas card but "perfection" is simply unattainable in this family.

I'm just happy I didn't drown the little monsters no one fell in.


Elizabeth said...

Oh! I hope you win! And I hope the prize is a million dollars.

Zoey's mom said...

I just adore that picture.I am with Elizabeth ... certainly worth a million dollars!

Michelle said...

The best snapshot of Mom and the kids will be featured in the July/August issue of Adoptive Families magazine and on

Prizes: One grand prize winner will receive a coupon for a free personalized 8x8 Shutterfly photo book ($29.99 retail value) and a one-year subscription (new or a renewal) to Adoptive Families magazine. Three runners up will receive the Putumayo Kids CD Picnic Playground: Musical Treats From Around the World. All winners will have their photos featured in the magazine and online.

Lilith said...

It's a lovely photo of a lovely family.

Diane said...

I am thrilled for you! You should be in a public arena, with your love for your children and your humor in parenting!
You are an encourager!! <3 I hope to see your smiling faces in the magazine!!

Kathleen Scott said...

That picture is pure happiness. Which is what counts. I'm still smiling.