Jun 12, 2011

I Think I'm On Vacation

School ended last Wednesday and I think I'm on vacation.

For the first time in ten months I can sleep until 7 AM if the children let me and the planets are lined up correctly.

For four days I've had no where I've had to be. Four days, people!

No where. No work. No medical appointments. No birthday party attendance for The Boy for the first time in 6 solid weekends.

Yes, I'm grateful he is so popular but am also looking forward to saving $ 20.0 a week plus gas money spent on presents and laser tag arena destinations in galaxies far, far away.

No fund raisers at school. No school ceremonies to attend.

Yes, I cherish my bumper sticker from The Baby being chosen, "Student Of The Month ." Even though I waited 40 years for one....

No more "The Baby is acting weird and squinting and she might be having a seizure can you come right away and pick her up from school?" phone calls from teachers while I am attempting to see clients.

No more picking up The Genius from her pain management injections although the last trip was well worth it. Because I had The Baby with me whose "seizure" turned out to be a severe allergic reaction with both eyes swollen shut and we were in the middle of a tremendous thunder storm, the pain management nurse walked the wobbly Genius to my car. The Genius was still under the influences of the happy juice when one of my work puzzles short circuited and started "cocka-doo-doodle doo-ing" inside the van.

"What the hell was that? Is there a rooster in here?"

I suggested since she was so woozy she might want to come home with me and rest for a while. Then the cow started "moooo-ing."

I won't repeat her reply to my suggestion.

I felt bad yesterday when one of my blog readers asked if I was alive since I haven't been blogging recently. It probably sounds silly but the primary reason I haven't blogged is because my camera is still broken and blogging without recent photo updates is like being Italian and talking with your hands cuffed behind your back. It doesn't work.

Yesterday I worked in the garden the entire day, jumping in the pool several times to cool off. Of course, The Boy had to jump on top of me, swim through my legs, tip me over in the raft while I was dozing and shoot me between the eyes with his one dollar Dollar Tree squirt pen. Dang those things hurt.

Each and every time I jumped in.

Living proof of the "y" chromosome in all of it's annoying glory.

Today I really should put the mountain of clean laundry away and clean the inside of my house especially since Monday and Tuesday are full work days and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday The Boy will be getting his Pamidronate infusion at the local hospital. I also need to get some groceries in here as when I offered tuna casserole to the masses last evening The Boy hollered back, "Yeah, like that's going to happen...ever."

But instead I think I'm going back outside and putter in the yard again. Green beans and the pool beckon me.

I'm so inspired by the restfulness of the past four days I may even plan a little road trip back to St. Augustine.

The Artist may want to leave town before we invade.


Island Rider said...

Good to hear from you. Sounds like things are normal around there! I will be praying for you and the boy as you go to the hospital this week. Do you have a good book to read?

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you're letting summer lure you a bit --

And thanks for all your amusing and supportive comments on my blog this morning! It was a pleasure to see you this morning --

Kathleen Scott said...

Sorry to hear the Genius is coping with severe pain. Pain is a crippler and an energy thief.

Everyone needs a vacation. Yours sounds perfect--no packing or driving or stress, just relaxation, play and loved ones.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Sounds like a fun and relaxing time! I love the pool pictures, such gorgeous eyes on your babes. :)