May 5, 2011

Trampoline Thursday

Beginning weight: 3 weeks ago: 138 1/2 lbs.

Last Thursdays weight: 136 1/2 lbs

Today's weight: 136 1/2 lbs

Total weight loss in 21 days: 2 lbs

This week The Teenager 's weight remained the same which in my mind is a tremendous victory considering we went through a week of fluid retention, cramps and sassy attitude if you get my drift.

Today we start anew right after cranky's nap.

Having a goal of reducing her HGB A-1c to more acceptable levels and not ending up on insulin are motivation enough for me. And even though The Teenager is not in total agreement and I can feel her sticking her tongue out at me while complaining about her bouncing liver we will press onward to the next Trampoline Thursday.


Elizabeth said...

You tell her I said, "You Go, Girl!"

Jennie said...

Nik and I crack up about the penguin comment still :)