May 17, 2010

"When I was writing pretty poor poetry, this girl with midnight black hair told me to go on." Carl Sandburg

When it's hair time this girl with midnight black hair tells me where to go also. We began at 7:00 PM tonight washing with the organic "lavish conditioning shampoo." Conditioned with the organic" olive oil replenishing conditioner." Style with the organic "olive oil incredibly rich moisturizing hair lotion." We comb, part and braid while flipping, flopping, flailing, kicking, screaming, shrieking, eating hair product ("Mom! Will that kill her eating that stuff? "No, but it might help her constipation.") slithering down my lap and combat crawling away like Rambo, hanging upside down like Stellaluna, and slapping combs across the floor like ping-pong balls. Our black babysitter, Mama G, informed me last time she attempted to do the baby's hair that she would never touch her head again. If that little tidbit of info doesn't perfectly illustrate my dilemma then nothing will. This baby is pure evil when she spots an afro pick. Her head spins when you break out the hair product. She has been Sybil-ish since the first day she spotted a comb in the NICU. I've had all types of well meaning comments. "Maybe she's tender headed. Poor thing!" Unless you are having direct radiation treatment to your hair follicles on a daily basis, no one, i repeat no one, is this tender headed. "Why don't you do her hair when she is sleeping?" Hello! Who sleeps in this family? "Why don't you do her hair in front of a DVD." Which DVD would you suggest because I have tried everything from Dora to Yo Gabba Gabba to old re-runs of Mr. Rogers and she is not about to focus on anything except the hair fight. Maybe I should try The Exorcist or War Of The Worlds next time? I've discussed the subject of the baby's hair before (Black Power!) and will undoubtedly discuss it again since it is such an ongoing major event in our lives. Tonight after 2 1/2 hours i finally gave up at 9:30 PM and put the back of her unbraided head in a giant afro puff. I simply couldn't take it anymore. Surprisingly, the end result is kinda cute and when we looked in the mirror...because we ALWAYS have to look in the mirror...she was crazy for this hairstyle and admired herself for a long time literally oooooing and ahhhhhhing out loud. I may not have mentioned it before but she does love to look at herself in the mirror after the hair fights and any other time she happens to spot one. She also loves clothes and loves to shop. When we were in a shoe store recently she spotted a pair of pink and purple Nike's and began maniacally signing, "SHOES ON! SHOES ON! SHOES ON!" We left the store that day with a new pair of Nike's we did not need. What we did need after the hair fight tonight, however...both of us...was a nebulizer treatment. Bet they don't teach that in cosmetology school.

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