May 15, 2010

How Sweet It Is!

Is it my imagination or does this cookie jar have a Jackie Gleason facial expression? I'll let my friend Diane, the Jackie Gleason expert, be the judge. Today we drove to the big city to pick out our NEW swing set. Blessed income tax return! The only time it pays to be poor is this time of year! The baby hates to swing so she stayed with our sitter of 2 years, Mama G, and slept all day but the boy and the teenager came because they needed to choose what elements they wanted in their NEW swing set. (Yes, I'm excited!) We found an awesome adult swing that resembles a one man/woman porch swing for the teen. She test rode it to see if it swung to the moon and it did. The boy wanted a rock climbing wall and a tire swing. Done! This set has it all. On the way back we stopped at our favorite big city thrift shops where I found this awesome material for $1.95 which will make great shopping bags. Lots and lots of shopping bags:

I love the borders:
The only down side of the day was that the big city was swarming with Love Bugs. I've included the link for those of you who have never experienced the joys of these chronically copulating creepy insects. I have an allergic asthmatic bronchitis this week which has left me slightly... shall we say... queasy? The boy was determined to save every stinkin' love bug that flew into the burger joint irregardless of how many times I told him to STOP man-handling the creepy copulating insects. After about the 5th rescued bug I yelled, a little too loud, "Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! I'm trying to eat and not throw up here!" It was one of those situations where the restaurant became quiet, crickets started to chirp (to the rhythm of the creepy copulating insects) and all eyes were on me. Sometimes it's pointless to attempt an explanation. FYI. I did not buy the Jackie Gleason cookie jar but Diane, if you love it we will go back and pick it up for you. Something tells me it may still be there.

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Diane said...

That is Jackie as a cookie jar!! : )
We need to come down for a swing and swim to your house....then off to your thrift stores!