May 13, 2010

Take The Independence Day Challenge!

Inspired by one of my favorite new bloggers, Necessities who was inspired by The Independence Day Challenge I've decided to take the Independence plunge which is (very briefly!):.

1. Plant something

2. Harvest something -

3. Preserve something

4. Waste Not

5. Want Not

6. Build Community Food Systems –

7. Eat the Food –

For detailed instructions go to The Independence Day Challenge site above. The baby is sick...again...I am sick...again. I may not make it through many steps today since I am feeling yucky but at 6:00 AM as the sun was coming up I did go out and "Harvest something." Since the vegies aren't ready yet with the exception of the heirloom lettuce which we've been eating for months, I picked flowers from the garden to cheer us all. When they are spent they will go straight into one of two compost piles that we have. Our latest compost bin is an old computer desk that the boy and I drug home from someone's front yard on trash day. He spent hours drilling holes in the wood for aeration which kept him busy. And we all know when the boy is busy there is peace in the valley. Or in our situation, peace on the peninsula.

Read about the challenge at the sites above and join me in the fun!

1 comment:

Kim said...

What a harvest! A feast for the senses! Hope you are feeling better soon.