Jan 29, 2011

When You Buy Organic...

Yes, I'm on a GMO rant in case you haven't already noticed. I am bitterly disappointed by the the USDA's decision to allow unrestricted planting of GMO alfalfa last week. Thank you to all who wrote the USDA's Secretary of Agriculture to voice your disapproval. At least you did something.

"Organic and others are now left, once again having to take all the precautions while biotech takes little responsibility," said Liana Hoodes, NOC Director.

Big Brother is killing the organic industry. One genetically modified cell at a time.

Read it and weep big Roundup tears.

And while I'm on this rant which I hope NEVER ends when you buy organic products y
ou didn't really think you were thumbing your nose at Big Bother did you?

Go here.

And most definitely here.

This on-going battle goes beyond feeding your children and family responsible, healthy food by buying organic most of which is owned by big corporations.

How can you help?

Fight back and plant your own "victory garden" even if it's only a few pots on your condo balcony. Use Heirloom Seeds. For names of seed companies to avoid go here and scroll down to the end.

Declare war against our dwindling food supplies and buy local. Please support your local farmer. If you don't know how e-mail me. I will help you.

Photo from Google Images

Go picking!

Three simple, fun things to do as a family. How can you beat that?

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