Jan 18, 2011

News From The Pepper Family Art World.

Blue Heron by The Boy

So for all of you who remember this...

...I'm happy to report that The Artist did win first place in the Pet Category of the photo contest. Besides the joy of being numero uno she won a sweet digital camera.

On Sunday we attended a ceremony where the boy received a certificate for being chosen to have his Blue Heron displayed after his art teacher entered it in our county school system's contest.
He and one other boy were chosen from his school.

Check out the tie!

Proud of both of them?

Uh, yeah!

The Artist and The Boy. Birds of a feather.

I'm getting pretty good at photo shopping my wrinkles out, too. Perhaps I should enter a contest.


Island Rider said...

Congrats to the boy and the artist! I love that blue heron. He is very talented. I know you are proud. Smooth skin, too.

Heather said...

Congratulations on both counts!

And the pictures,gorgeous of you all!

You are a beautiful mama with a beautiful,beautiful family.Inside and out.

Elizabeth said...

You're kids are IMMENSE! Congratulations -- and you look gorgeous. If that's photo-shopping, would you do that for me, too?


Island Rider: Tank Goodness you are back. I messed up the blog and hoped I didn't lose you!

Elizabeth: I tweaked my neck a little...all right a lot....it's an art form.

Zoey's mom: Thank you!

donna said...

Awesome, they did good...such talent..you all look fabulous!

Kathleen Scott said...

Yea, I voted for her. Does this mean The Artist owes us regular pictures?

LOVE The Boy's heron art!!!

I thought wrinkles were art too.


Kathleen: Nice sentiment but if I was a Hilton I'd have my face lifted...gently..but lifted. I don't want to look like Cher or have a trout pout....just a little off the sides.