Jan 4, 2011

Vote For The Artist

The Artist made two New Years resolutions. 1.) To enter more photo contests 2.) To obtain a new camera for her photography endeavors.

The above photo is a finalist in a contest. The prize? A new camera!

The dog is my granddaugher, Abigail. When The Artist left the dance life in NYC for New Orleans after Katrina she lived in a tent doing disaster clean up and working a soup kitchen for the residents and rescue workers. She adopted Abby who was a displaced stray who hung around the camp.

The kitty, Mae Button, is a rescue who was in line to be euthanized because she weighed 4 ounces. I never knew it but animal shelters automatically put kittens under a certain weight down immediately since their survival rate is so slim. The Artist ended up with Mae Button and bottle fed her for months. She is Abby's best friend.

The photo on the web site contest is not downloading properly which makes me very upset because how can you vote for a photo that is half there? The Artist contacted the web sight who informed her it looked ok to them. Grrrrr!

I attempted to enlarge the widget above so you could see the entire photo which really doesn't do the photo justice. The original is gorgeous and Mae Button's little tongue is a crack-up. Anyway go here:


and cast your vote under Pets category for The Artist!


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct, The Artists photo is obscured by a white patch. Photo #5 has the same problem. decidedly unfair!!

Diane said...

voting over and over....love the picture, the story and the artist!

Jennie said...

Thank you Diane!! They seem to be working now... although slow, at least the whole picture is showing up. Thanks Ma!


YW Artist!

Dani said...

Such a great photo!

Unknown said...

Looks great to me - voted! best of luck to the Artist!

Kathleen Scott said...

Done. Fabulous photo!


Thank you all!