Jan 18, 2011


Months ago I was riding down the street and heard this song on the radio. I was totally blown away, pulled off to the side of the road and wrote the singers name down on the back of my check book cover. Later I went off in search of the song and the artist.


I heard it again recently and this time tracked it down on You Tube.

For some reason after reading Elizabeth's post I thought of it again.


Heather said...

That was beautiful.

I tell you, often the only thing that speaks to me,that allows me to release my emotions,are songs like this.They empower me and strengthen me and move me closer to the only One that can help pass through the moment. Why is it that we hear them and the words hold everything we feel within our hearts?

In the 4 years since Zoey has been born,my girls have made me CD's filled with songs similar to this."Praise You in the Storm" still elicits some of my most intense emotions in me to this day.

Thanks for sharing and P.S.... my Meniere's is really sucking right now.So hate it.

Elizabeth said...

What a voice -- thank you for posting. It's stunning how words and music strung together just so can move one so enormously --