Apr 24, 2010

The Walking Iris's Rock Second AND Third Place

Today in memory of Iris/Virus's mother, also named Iris, we participated in a Hospice Beach Stroll to celebrate her life and raise support for Hospice. We named our team The Walking Iris's in honor of Iris/Virus's mom who passed away from cancer a few months ago. The Walking Iris's placed 2nd in individual donations and 3rd in team donations! Between the two cities that participated over $95,000.00 was raised. Not too shabby for a days "stroll." I think it was a 3 mile walk although with the boy, the teenager and the babe it seemed more like 30 miles. The boy was in his wheelchair and the babe in her wheelchair stroller. The teenager was on foot and I am so proud of her because she made it the entire way! Her demeanor changed significantly on the way back prompting Iris to suggest we change our name next year to the Walking, Rolling, Complaining Iris's but when I bribed the teenager with a hot dog, the teenager got her second wind. There was a big triathlon going on at the same time and while we were struggling with our 3 mile stroll they were
swimming 1.5K · biking 40K and running 10K. Ok, so maybe we'll try that next year. Not.

Our downtown area couldn't be more beautiful as the stroll took us past the ocean, marinas, sail boats, museums and hundreds of good looking guys in bike shorts many with
foreign accents. Oooooo la la!

As we were loading up the car happy to be such big WINNERS we knew Mama Iris would have been proud of us. It was a perfect moment. That is until the boy buckles up and says, "Let's never do that again."

I brought my camera to take a team photo but realized when we arrived that the memory stick was still in the computer. Enjoy the photo of the walking Iris from my garden instead!

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Jenny said...

hey! Way to go, congrats! Glad it was such a beautiful day with such pleasant views all around!