Apr 8, 2010

TV Coma, Organic Gardening and the Virus From Hell

This morning I'm talking to the boy and he is not answering. I finally YELL in exasperation and the teenager informs me, "He can't hear you. He is in a tv coma. This is a bad thing." I love how the teenager sums up life so neatly.We don't really have a tv. I got rid of cable when I sat down at Christmas to watch a popular family program with my son and was horrified by the Christmas perfume commercials and one commercial advertising the new season for a show where a man is throwing a woman up against a fence and ripping her shirt off over and over and over. That did it for me when I realized my 9 year old son and I could not even watch a family program without being inundated with the worlds version of "love." I canceled cable the following day. I'm not a complete freak, though. I subscribe to Netflix and we do Redbox. Both commercial free. It was Sponge Bob the boy was watching earlier on a rented DVD this morning that induced the coma. Sponge Bob has the same effect on me.

Today the boy is going on an outing with a neighbor friend. Thank you Jesus.

The girls and I are going to chill which means i will be putting loads of laundry away, mopping floors, etc. There really is never any chilling in my world. I've spent my "vacation" being sick. Saw the eye specialist Tuesday and my corneas are ok so am being weaned off the meds. Woke up Wednesday sick as a junk yard dog. Thought I was going to die. This is part of the eye virus according to the specialist. Go figure. I refused to let illness get me down, though. Armed with saline nasal spray, antihistamines, gallons of water and liquid gel ibuprofen I worked in the back yard for 4 hours anyway. I figured if the pollen count didn't kill me off nothing would. Planted the heirloom tomatoes, basil, cilantro, oregano, nasturtiums and pretty flowers all in a row. Worked on the red and yellow butterfly garden. Red and yellow are not colors of my choosing but the butterflies have informed me over the years that it is their choice so I have complied. All in all a good day.

This morning I feel a little better. Hooray! I am determined to homestead where I'm planted at the moment although my heart is in a country place. Even this morning watering the tomatoes I wished I could hear the bird songs without the whir of I-275 drowning them out. I was talking to a friend yesterday who has 5 gorgeous acres of land and a nice home in a country place. She wants to move back here. I want to move up there. In a perfect world we could simply trade and both would be happy campers. Unfortunately, her land and house are paid off and my house isn't. There are hundreds of threads in the scriptures that weave our every day tapestries. One of them is to be content in the situation you are in. Forget about the past. Don't worry about tomorrow. Contentment, however, doesn't just happen. It's very often an act of the will. Lately I am determined that i will make the most of my homestead in the city. Maybe some day I'll hear the birds sing without the droning of traffic. I guess I'm hanging on to that "thread" of hope.

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