Dec 7, 2010

Artists For Hope

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I love Haitian art and have since I spent some time in Haiti in the mid 1980's volunteering in medical clinics. On my first trip I acquired two paintings in Port Au Prince that I love and have hanging in my hall way.

That's why I've been intrigued by a blog titled Artists For Hope. Go to their blog and check out Week # 6. It will bring tears to your eyes.

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My Haitian "son" who is in his 40's now just e-mailed me to tell me he will be in our state soon. I look forward to seeing him. I remember him as a gangly teenager with swollen ankles. He was orphaned and lived with an aunt in a one room shack in the capitol city. Several of us supported him financially over the years in hopes that he would find a better life.

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Now he's a 41 year old author and college graduate who taught high school in Jamaica for many years. He currently resides in California.

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The smallest seed in the world belongs to the orchid. A reminder that the smallest seed will not only come to fruition but will often produce great beauty. Much like the little girls in Week # 6. Much like the gangly orphan.

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"Keep on sowing your seed, for you never know which will grow - perhaps it all will."
Albert Einstein
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Albert was right.


Kathleen Scott said...

Haitian art was widely available when I lived in Miami and I loved the vivid energy. Hope you have a fine reunion with your Haitian son.

Anonymous said...

Artists for Hope, week #6 was amazing, to see those girls smiling, was awesome.

Elizabeth said...

Here's where your life deviates from mine, soul sister, and I'm in awe.

Jennie said...

When is he coming to town?? "My brother" and I talk all the time on Facebook now :)

Kathleen Scott said...

Ms. Pepper, 280, on no! Shoot!!! I'm glad you're doing all the hard things--exercising, diet changes, metamucil, red rice, everything. The world needs you.

PS I like licorice root tea for a shot of sweetness without sugar. A silver lining discovery from a beastly sinus infection.

chickory said...

love this. i like the sequined haitian flags too. its tragic what has happened to haiti. a lot of it is meddlesome outsiders. its frustration to me how money donated is stuck at the ad/min level and not getting to the people. arggh dont let me get off track.