Dec 6, 2010

The Never Ending (Christmas) Story

Photo from Google Images

When you have a child with severe dyslexia and memory retrieval deficits you are lucky to obtain any information whatsoever regarding their day at school. That's why I was surprised and tickled pink when The Boy reminded me about the Christmas Play Wednesday at 1:00 pm.


"So I guess the play is not going to be at night this year?"

"Oh, no. It's at night, too."


"Yeah,the play is from 1:00 pm to 11:30 pm."

"But that's 10 1/2 hours!."

"I know. It's a loooonnnng play."
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Michelle said...

:) haha!

D said...

So THAT'S what I have...memory retrieval dificit! Thank you for the DX. I'm gonna use that, if you don't mind.