Dec 17, 2010

School Play and Catamenial Seizures

As an organized person one of the most difficult lessons I've had to learn over the past 15 years is that in certain circles organization is a complete myth. You know what I'm talking about. That certain place in life where you are in the center of the circle with a special needs child. Or one. Or two. Or maybe 39 like Big Mama Hollers. An ill spouse. An elderly parent or parents.

You sit down to the table for a wonderful family dinner. Suddenly your child has a terrible seizure. The dinner grows cold. The other family members wait, alone again. You cry.

Your elderly parent breaks a hip.

Your spouse requires dialysis.

Situations that wreck havoc with our already fragile "schedules."

At first I fought it. Now I mourn it's loss but move on. There is simply no solution and one of the hardest lessons I've learned is this: the fact that there is no solution is not necessarily a bad thing.

The house has never looked messier. The appointment book has never been fuller. But when you relinquish control and "go with the flow" as is our mantra you discover something. School plays are funnier. Surprise gifts from new and old friends are more surprising. Coffee with a neighbor never tasted so sweet.

In this hectic season please stop with me and take a breath. Concentrate on what is most important.



Friends. Both old and new.

I'm sure you'll think of more. I can.

In the midst of the usual complexity of our house hold The Teenager has developed Catamenial Seizures along with the Tonic Clonic (grand mall) she develop last Christmas. Fortunately, I have a wonderful neurologist who is always available via e-mail. He responded immediately to my concerns and she will begin a second seizure medication during her menstrual period only.

I refuse, through the sheer act of my French/Irish will, to ask why? We will move on making the most of the blessings we already have.

And we'll dance until the curtain comes down.


Kathleen Scott said...

Oh Blankety-blank. There are no answers to some questions. I'm sorry about the new seizure activity. And glad you have medication for The Teenager.

I read you for the wisdom you distill from a hard and rich life. Dancing until the curtain comes down is one of those thoughts. Thank you.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

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Diane said...

In life as in dance:
Grace glides on blistered feet.
~ Alice Abrams

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

How cute are these pictures? Love them!
I am sorry about the Teenager's new seizures. I have heard that menstruation is hell on people with epilepsy. I hope the new meds help control the seizures.

Zoey's mom said...

Blessings amidst the chaos I call it and chaotic is the name of the game around here.

So sorry about The teenagers seizures.Spoke those exact words to a fellow Southern California friend about her little love,just tonight.she just so happens to have posted right before me!I really hate all kinds of seizures.Brings be back to our days battling them and more importantly makes me sad for those struggling with them now.Sending prayers to your girl.

And I do keep dancing:How does that quote go "It's not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain."Something like that.

Have a good weekend.

Elizabeth said...

I wish you'd email me privately about this and tell me what medication it is. My Sophie has long had catamenial seizures in addition to the regular ones -- anyway, let's talk off-blog when and if you can!

Jennie said...

Can't wait to see you guys! Mess or no mess :) I'm so sad I didn't get to see the school play... The hat and scarf are just too awesome.

Give K big hugs from me and tell her I'll see her soon!