Jun 27, 2010

Independence Day Challenge Update

What do Alan B. Shepard,Vincent Van Gogh and Marilyn Monroe Have In Common?

Q: Why is it I am generally half dead when I post these updates? A: It's because it's the only time I sit down.

On Thursday I had the Meniere's attack from the pit of hell. The last time I had one this severe was Philadelphia 1998 where I stood up in the morning and fell over backwards. These are called "drop attacks" and are common with Meniere's. I had the first episode in 97' after a terrible virus swept through the work place. My boss ended up with meningitis. I ended up with Vestibular Neuronitis which was later diagnosed as Meniere's after I started going deaf in my left ear. Unilateral deafness stinks. I can hear sound but can not locate it. Speech is muffled in crowded areas. Having said that I will state, however, that I am thrilled to have one working ear. Live long and prosper right ear.

The health department came in to the work place thinking we may have had a sick building but never found anything conclusive. Ironically, after we relocated the office the building was torn down and a new building built on the site.

Over the years I have managed to recognize triggers. Dehydration and caffeine being my number one offenders. With our 100 degree weather and 110 degree heat index I should not have been working in the yard Wednesday. Then, reveling in the joy of my day off Thursday I sat sipping coffee all morning. Lots and lots of coffee. By 1 pm my eyes started dancing like ping pong balls (vestibular nystagmus) and I could not move an inch without hurling.

I am in the company of the famous. Martin Luther was said to suffer from Meniere's and felt Satan was the cause. Can I get a big AMEN to that? Marilyn Monroe, Julius Ceaser, Alan B. Shepard, and Charles Darwin. Vincent Van Gogh was also rumored to have Meniere's. I feel like chopping off my ear at times as well, Vince. Especially when it's goes blub blub blub blub pop pop pop pop pop ssss ssss ssss ssss sssss ring ring ring ring ring-a-ling-a-ding-dong. I've been known to turn to the person next to me and ask, "Does the noise in my head bother you?"

Enough whining. On to the IDC:

1. Plant Something: Recently planted sweet potatoes (given to me by Mrs. M), lantana (for the water wise beds in front), apple mint (from the genius), marigolds, milkweed (from my neighbor), and Popi's pink rain lily's. Popi made a little bed in the play area and I now have huge pots of colorful flowers and sweet smelling jasmine for them to enjoy while they are swinging. Began two shrimp plant topiaries. I saw the topiaries at the Green Thumb Festival and loved them. Pollinating insects love these shrimp plants, too:

2. Harvest Something: Not too much growing in this heat. It's hard to harvest in an oven set on broil.

3. Preserve Something: My sanity.

4. Waste Not: Using re-cycled materials for the raised beds in the garden. Still tracking expenditures on my Excel spread sheet. I find that I do well for 3 weeks being thrifty and then I - am - over - it. Need to work on that 3rd week. Am refinishing a vintage coffee table, and the four chairs I dug out of someone's garbage: (Note: Sorry, genius. I know how my dumpster escapades gross you out. Woo Hoo, Artist. I know how my dumpster escapades thrill you. Just look at the cool detail on these chairs!)

Want Not: Read this link to see how she describes, Want Not. I am probably one of the most 'prepared " people you will meet other than my neighbor, Brasilia. However, when Brasilia came over recently to have her blood pressure taken I found that the kids (little angels) had broken my stethoscope and my BP cuff was buried with first aide supplies in a galaxy far away. My new goal is to organize and prioritize. This should take a life time.

Build Community Food Systems: I am sincerely trying to buy local. I am tired of South American Mango's when we grow them right here in our own sate. Supporting your local farmers is easy. Click on the lettuce or the really cute sisters and use the easy guide:

Let me know what you have done lately regarding the IDC!

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Jennie said...

Ah yes, back in 98 when you were trapped in my room for a day because you couldn't walk down my spiral staircase....

I LOVE those chairs... and have my beautiful garbage can painting hanging proudly in my living room :)