Apr 15, 2011

Trampoline Thursday

Actually, it's Friday but I didn't feel well enough last night to put together the new trampoline or post. This afternoon I rallied from the bed, put The Teenagers trampoline together and she's in her upstairs room as we speak shaking the ceiling.

A clients mom recently purchased a trampoline after a bug much like I am experiencing when her doctor read her the riot act about losing weight for health reasons.

She informed me she had to buy a trampoline that held 300lbs. Yes, she is a tad

Every time I go to her home I am shocked when she opens the front door to let me in.

In 2 weeks she lost 30lbs jumping 30 minutes a day although she had to rearrange her furniture. "I kept hitting my head on the shelf when I was jumping." She is also eating more fruits and vegetables but that's the extent of her exercise program.

The Teenager went from severe organic/non-organic failure to thrive combo as an infant and toddler to obesity when she hit the "tweens." She is only 4'8" so the poor child doesn't have much lee way. At 5"8" i can pack in a lot of Dunkin Donuts without showing it. At 4'8" it shows up immediately on The Teenager.

We've been working with a nutritionist and she has dropped 10lbs and kept it off for over a year. With the onset of seizures, however, and the anit-epileptic medication she has lost her desire to swim or exercise. For the first year after diagnosis she has been sleepy,lethargic and napping. The teenager has always been an individual who can't shed the pounds by diet alone. She has to exercise as well.

Throw in cerebral palsy, severe patella alta and flat feet and weight loss becomes even more complex.

Inspired by my clients mom I began researching the trampoline and found interesting articles like this one.

I found a trampoline superstore.

Yes, seriously that is one thing you can always count on in the USA. A superstore for everything.
The Genius found an on line coupon code that expired 12/10 but worked. We got a sweet deal on the trampoline..

Trampoline Thursday is going to be our online diary. Feel free to ignore Thursdays!

Today's weight at Publix: 138 1/2 lbs.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun way to exercise...

Thanks for all your comments on Bob's blogs, especially the last one...that story was very moving. You have been a great encourager to us through the last 18 months... you have helped us more than you'll ever know. I love your blog, and admire how you live your life.

Heather said...

Jump away sweet girl.I know you'll do great.

Don't know about you momma,but my vertigo thingy would so not be compatible with that sucker.Even as sensitive as possibly watching the teenager!

Will be waiting on Thursday updates and will be cheering her on from afar.

Kathleen Scott said...

How cool! All of it (except your sickness, of course). I'm liking this idea. Temps are in the 90's already here and jumping indoors sounds like a great alternative to heatstroke.

Are you going to keep jumping music footnotes?