Oct 17, 2011

Two Hurdles Down

Today at 3:30pm the man arrived from the wheel chair company and installed The Baby's one-armed drive. It normally takes him 45 minutes but he had a "few problems" so he was with us for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Now there's a surprise!

Also today I received two letters from Social Security. They both said exactly the same thing because from the moment I filled out "the application which wasn't an application" on line they have been sending me duplicate mailings of everything.

The letters, however were both addressed to The Teenagers adoptive name.

What a pip!

More hurdles? Bring them on.

Onward and over! Here I go!


Elizabeth said...

Your legs are gorgeous.



Elizabeth: I wish they were my legs.

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Let me know how the one arm drive works. Might be an option for Z.

I think I sealed the deal of being a a forever van driver once Zoey was born ... Funny thing, my husband came home tonight and was listening to my niece talk about her friend that had her car stolen and my husband asks where it was stolen and I ask why he asks that and he say's .... So he can drop off our piece of sh@& van off and maybe we could be so lucky.

For what it is worth ... I think you look fabulous then and now. The real version you, not the you you vision with the crown!

Kathleen Scott said...

Congratulations! Nice to have good news. And apparently your mini-rant to the SS lady worked...makes you think about what you could get with other rants, doesn't it?