Oct 14, 2011

"Kick Em' In The Junk Bonds " 30 AD Style

The story of the money changers being driven out of the temple occurs in all four of the gospels of the New Testament. It is the only accounting of Jesus ever using any type of physical force in the entire Gospels combined. John seems to allude to the fact that he whipped their greedy butts more than once since scholars believe John mentioned more than one Passover in his documentation.

In doing so Jesus publicly challenged the authorities of thieving and taking advantage of the poor. The authorities in 30 AD who were no different than the international bankers of 2011. The authorities who set up shop with the blessing of the political leaders of their time. The authorities who forced exchange rates that only benefited the wealthy. The authorities who exploited the poor.

Sound Familiar?

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People even The Lamb of God knew enough about the destructive consequences of usury to stage a public protest.

Just my opinion.


Elizabeth said...

and many others as well --

B.D.D.W. said...

Same comment "Iligitmus Non Carbundrum" Don't let them do it.
Or use the phrase "Do unto others before they do unto you"