Aug 15, 2011


The Big City Doctors' nurse called me this morning to see how the weekend went. I told her I went to sleep at 11:30 pm last night and The Boy went to bed at 9:30 pm. He woke up 3 times in the 2 hours I was still up. Once for water. Once to potty. Once to torment me.

This morning he had a major meltdown.

And then I found the stool pulled up to the cabinets and a bowl of peanut butter in the sink. Clear evidence that he had been up roaming around when I was sleeping.

Probably all night.

We hung up and I figured that was the last I'd hear but an hour ago the phone rang and The Big City Doctor feels the lack of sleep is a contributing factor to the meltdowns.

Do you think? I know I am ready to rip someones head off and I get at least a few more hours sleep than the boy does. Of course I also maintain a two story house, gardens, work and take care of 3 special needs kids as well but we won't go into that sob story because I don't feel like whining today.

The Big City Doctor is prescribing something for sleep to be given with the melatonin and the Tenex. All three together? Yes, the nurse confirmed.

Sounds like they are bringing out the big guns. Which is good because now I won't have to shoot myself.

I hung up and could have sworn I heard a choir of angels singing.

When the Boy was a baby he went through a period of babbling, cooing and talking to someone who was very tall...only there was no one there. The first time I heard him I thought someone had broken in to the house. There he sat looking in a specific direction and giggling and acting like someone was clearly interacting with him. One of my foster children noticed this and I told him it was probably The Boy's guardian angel. God knows he needed one...

A week later my foster child yelled to me in the kitchen, "The Angel is back!"

Children are so sweet.

When they sleep that is.

The Boy loves this story even though he hasn't "talked" to his guardian angel in over 10 years. Recently, however, he came to me a bit distressed.

"I think I killed my angel."


"I think he had a hard time keeping up with me and may have died." He was serious.

I reassured him that his angel was still hanging around looking after him although in my heart I secretly suspect that God had probably assigned one or two more to assist the first exhausted celestial being.

Perhaps a SWAT team of angels.

We will pick up the prescription on the way to music therapy and start tonight. I'm not terribly optimistic.

Well, no. That's not true. Don't tell anyone but I can hardly contain my glee.


Anonymous said...

Hope the meds work. I remember going through this with Peanut. It started when we were on vacation in Wisconsin. It was HORRIBLE!!! It never got better even when we came home. Thanks God for medication and the doctors who will prescibe them.
Ms. M

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

I think The Boy has a separated at birth twin here in California.I am not joking. And because I am not, I send you prayers of peace and patience. We have finally, finally got a 3 combo ourselves that, knock on wood and anything else nearby, that is helping. I have always said, that thank God, literally, that He sent Joe to us because otherwise, he would not be, in a few short weeks, celebrating his 8th birthday. Again, I kid you not.