Aug 18, 2011

Achieving Balance

Does one ever achieve balance with a parcel of special needs children? Ever?

The Boy has been sleeping through the night this week thanks to The Big City Doctor and his prescription. Yesterday I phoned Iris/Virus from work at 10 am and made her take his pulse because he was still asleep. He was not thrilled.

You pray for sleep and when it comes through chemistry you are checking respiration's and carotid pulses. Are we ever happy?

Last night he heads to bed and says, "Do not wake me up in the morning."

This from The Boy who hasn't slept through the night in a year and hasn't napped in 8 years and would never, ever admit he was sleepy even if he was asleep.

I've died and gone to heaven.

And the new attitude? I'm not sure I know who this boy is. Calm. Sweet. Cooperative.

Alien abduction aside it's got to be the sleep.

Someone asked how come it took so long to get him on some medication when the sleep deprivation was so severe? I believe I present my self as being a tad too calm and therefore the severity of the issue must have been minimized in the eyes of The Big City Doctor.

This time me screeching, "We are in crisis!" and "I'm going to drop him off at a fire station!" got the ball rolling. The wracking sobs helped, too.

Today we went to school orientation for The Boy. Mrs. Needs-To-Be-Canonized was canonized over the summer and crowned the principal. The Boy was not happy to lose his favorite teacher until he met his new teacher a cute, new graduate who Mrs. M observed was only slightly older than The Boy.

"I think I have a crush." he sighs.

And do you remember your new teachers name? (I do because I wrote it on a bank envelope. Miss Zulinski)


I'll give you a hint.....Miss Zooooooooo

"Miss Zookeeper!" he shouts.

No sweetie. Not her job description. Her name.


Island Rider said...

I also find it hard to balance calm and panic. A new teacher? Fresh out of college. God love her and keep her. Hopefully the boy will only see his teacher now principal in the lunch room and not her office!

D said...

I'm so glad you're getting sleep. I am not a nice person to be around with no sleep, plus there is the whole non-functioning thing.
See you in Hawaii, I do need a tan!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing as good in this world as a good nights sleep I don't think. Glad you have it again.

I'm guessing the Boy is feeling the effects of enough sleep too. Miss Katie is sleeping more since her med change and is nicer too. Hmmm.

Elizabeth said...

It's so good to hear something good for a change -- particularly when it is about sleep.

I hope it works for a long time.

Kathleen Scott said...

Too funny. So glad he's able to sleep now! Sleep deprivation is torture. And wonderful that his teacher is now the principal. She'll never forget him and maybe you won't have to fight so hard for him now.