Jun 25, 2011

The Baby Begins Music Therapy!

Nina Simone sings my favorite song.

When siblings are home from school I like to include them in my client's sessions. After all we are supposed to be working within the "natural environment" of the child which includes sibling competition and chaos.

Over 6 months ago I called regarding music therapy for a client's foster sibling who is quite delayed but shows an appreciation for music. I adore finding the little switches in special needs children that trigger light bulb moments but unfortunately due to high costs ($70.00 an hour) and lack of funding it is often impossible to implement the therapies they could benefit from.

I just got a phone call from the foster mom who informed me that after all of these months the music therapist phoned her with a scholarship and they needed more children to partake in this scholarship.

The Baby will begin music therapy the second week in July! I am thrilled.

I do have some concerns. however, since her music tastes are a little more sophisticated than the average 3 year old. She scan scat as well as Ella.

And do you think the Suzuki QChord plays Nina Simone?


Elizabeth said...

How exciting -- we recently had to stop music therapy for Sophie due to funding cuts --


Elizabeth: How sad. I am so tired of the cutbacks beginning with the children and adults with special needs.

Kathleen Scott said...

How fun! Bet Baby will love it and you will too. Denny says that music stimulates associational areas of the brain that don't respond to language (mostly right frontal). That kind of intelligence isn't measured on most tests.