Apr 12, 2011

Seriously Sick

Last week I was fighting off a sinus infection. This week I am having trouble breathing.

In view of the large number of people who have died in my life lately from "flu" bugs I sought medical attention after 6 days instead of my usual 6 weeks.
Good thing I did as it has turned out to be bacterial and not viral. My upper airway had become edematous and painful. Antibiotics and a nice cough syrup with codeine were prescribed so I wouldn't do any further damage to my airway while hacking up chunks of lung.


I've spent the last two days sleeping in my "crib."


No work = no money. A colossal waste of time as I don't feel like sewing, crafting, or doing anything but sleeping.

Friends have been helping with the school run, and bringing food from afar. Thank you friends!


Today I ventured out briefly to pick The Boy up at school. Since I was early I stopped at a nearby thrift store and found this very old, chippy, pedestal mirror. One is never too sick to thrift.

Yes, those are roses from the garden. I love the way they are reflected in the mirror. Unfortunately, I think I did some serious damage to my camera when I dropped it last week. I'm not sure why this ONE photo turned out but none of the others did.

Which is why you are looking

at pictures from a recent trip to the zoo.

Where everyone seemed too tired to do much of anything....

about anything...

including The Teenager.

The End


Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you're so sick when you know as well as I that you are not allowed to be sick.

Get well soon -- prayers and well wishes sent your way!

Zoey's mom said...

Feel better soon.I won't say rest because I know what a joke that is but i am glad you went to the doctor.I too suffer from that"I'll wait it out syndrome".Not good with this nasty strain as,almost a month into and with an antibiotic,I am still coughing junk up.

Prayers for a quick turn around.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are better soon. Take care.

Kathleen Scott said...

Sorry you're suffering. Wish I was close enough to bring my cure-all chicken soup. Hope you feel better soon.

The pictures with the early narrative for this post were hilarious. The infection missed your sense of humor, fortunately.

Jennie said...

Boooo... Sorry you are sick! My manager ended up in the hospital with a bacterial infection in his lungs so I'm glad you only waited 6 days!! (He also eats crap and smokes like a chimney so chances are your body will handle it better)

The first and the last picture had me seriously laughing out loud though ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better! God will provide- don't worry about the missed work. Take care!
Jennifer in Fl

Island Rider said...

I am so sorry you are sick. Hope you get well soon.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I hope you feel better soon! I think that cough syrup with codeine is a god send. :)

And if it makes you feel better, I was deathly ill all week AND Emily has been inpatient for weeks on end. So I got to take care of a grumpy, in the hospital babe, while totally sick. This is where I mention that I got my (.) the same week. UGH!