Apr 5, 2011

Be Ye Thankful For The Toad Turds

On the way home from school today The Boy asks, "Would you be mad at me if I told you something?"

It depends on what you are about to say.

He weighs his options. Is it worth confession?

"I brought a toad to school today."

Mental note: Begin frisking child prior to drop off at school in the mornings again.

Where is the toad now?

"It's in the garden at school."

How did you transport the toad to school?

"I put it in my pocket. I was very careful when I sat down so i don't know how it got lose."

Mental note:
Be sure to pull uniform pants pockets and shake out toad turds. Remind self to remain thankful that they are only toad turds and not squashed toad entrails.

Did you get in trouble with Mrs NeedsToBeCanonized?

"No! She said it was ok to bring fogs, toads and furry little animals but no snakes or lizards because she had a lizard down her blouse once and it bit her."

Brrrrrr. I got the chills.

Mental note: Write Mrs. NeedsToBeCanonized a note informing her of the explosion of fruit rats in our neighborhood this year. She may want to revise her list of acceptable show and tell critters by removing "furry little animals."

We really don't want her canonized sooner than she should be.


Kathleen Scott said...

Loved this morning chuckle. Thank you! The Boy is a literalist, and sweet.

I think you could grow Arbequina olive trees in your part of Florida, in well-draining soil. If you have sand, you'd have to amend with compost annually. The trees would only bear fruit in years with cold winter nights but the trees are gorgeous and there's something to be said for living antiquity.

Elizabeth said...

It's a good thing you didn't find it inside a sock in the dryer!